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Best quality on the market.

We do not provide cloned/stolen credit cards.We are specialized in pre-paid cards. We have pre-loaded the cards with funds so there's no previous owner, therefore this type of cards are risk-free, you can safely go to any ATM and cashout without having to hide yourself while doing it and another major advantage is that the cards won't freeze at the ATM.

Prepaid Debit Cards

All our products are Chipped and Magnetic.

Easy Cashout

We provide a PIN for each card.


Untraceable. Unblockable.

*Full refund or a brand new product in case one of our cards fails.


Best quality on the market.

Choose the best type of card to suit you and click on the picture for prices and elaborate details about the cards.

USD Prepaid Debit Cards

Recommended for US users

Average Balance $3000

EUR Prepaid Debit Cards

Recommended for every European users

Average Balance EUR 3000

CAD Prepaid Debit Cards

Recommended for Canadian users

Average Balance CAD 3000

AUD Prepaid Debit Cards

Recommended for Australian users

Average Balance AUD 3000

AmericanExpress Prepaid Debit Cards

High Balance Bussiness Card ($6000-7500)

*Although our offer consists only in Prepaid Debit Cards we recommend our customers to choose the type of card closest to the currency regions above, for extra security. (USD card will work flawlessly in U.S., Mexico, South and Central America, Asia and Africa. EUR Cards all over Europe. CAD Cards in Canada and near regions. AUD Cards in Australia and near regions.)

How to Buy

All our orders are processed by e-mail.

Follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1.

    Choose your favourite

    We offer a wide range of products. Choose the type of card you wish to order(Eur, USD, AUD, CAD or Amex).

  • Step 2.


    Choose the quantity of cards.

  • Step 3.

    Home Delivery

    Choose a shipping method available on our website.

  • Step 4.

    Enjoy! Come back!

    Tell us what is your prefered method of payment. After you've paid, the product is dispatched in matter of hours. So in a couple of days, depending on where you live, you will enjoy our product.Enjoy! Come back!.

  • Enjoy your new easy money!

Payment options

These are the payment options we accept at this moment.

Western Union

Best regular money transfer, accepted on big orders only due to high fees.


This is the most popular on dark markets and our favorite.


This is the second most popular on dark markets and our second favorite.

We value our customers. You can choose your favorite payment option from above.


Of course we are anonymous.

Regular Mailing

Is included in the price and takes 5-7 days to deliver.

Express Shipping

Costs 20 extra USD, delivers in 2 days, comes with a tracking number.

Overnight Shipping

Available ( U.S., E.U., Mexico and Canada only) for a $30 fee

We value privacy. We ship Worlwide 100% securely and discretely. Even if the parcel is opened there is nothing to incriminate you.

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